Friday, September 11, 2015

More on Shelter Island

This is a smaller (5 x 7) ink and was that I also did on Shelter Island the other day.

Of course I did one sketch just in ink...perfect when you don't have a lot of time to sketch while you're waiting for other people.


  1. Lovely colors in the top one and I feel I would like to wander down that road.

  2. The sketch captures the essence of the scene very well, and the watercolor is beautiful - great colors and feeling of depth!

  3. Your depth of field is amazing, Joan! What a gorgeous job of it you've done with this painting! Love the drawing too.

  4. I love the colors in the first one too, but really like the ink one.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! LOVE both of them!

  6. Julie, thanks. I'd like to wander there too.

    Oty, thanks so much.

    Sherry, thank you!!!

    Maggie, I've been playing a little with ink sketches too. Thanks.

    Thank you, Lin!