Saturday, September 12, 2015

Beach Sketches

The summer beach season may be over but I managed a few more beach sketches recently. These were done directly in ink, something I am still not real comfortable with.


  1. Wow, Joan, I have just been scrolling back through your recent posts and love what you're been up to. Your black and white sketches are fabulous and love the style you achieved with the vineyard. I think your beach figures are great too! Sorry to hear your beach weather is practically over - but you know what it means - that ours in nearly here!! I can't wait to get my regular beach walks and swims happening again.
    As always, a very inspirational visit to your blog Joan!

  2. These definitely look like beach people enjoying the warm sunshine. I like the guy with the hair on his chest lounging in his chair (the last painting.)

  3. You are quite marvelous at catching the poses quickly. Love all of these but especially The lifeguard. You should paint him!

  4. Thanks Lin!

    Wendy, thanks for scrolling back to look. Luckily the summer is hanging on here.

    Thanks, Hilda!

    Lois, he is my favorite of this group. LOL Thanks.

    Julie, thanks so much.