Sunday, September 6, 2015

Along the Wharf

Here are a few sketches I did for the Mark Taro Holmes online class.

This one was done along a wharf.

This one was done across from one of the Fire Island Ferry Terminals.


  1. Your class is on drawing?
    He must be pleased with having someone of your caliber in his class. These are great.

  2. I really like this one-line style! Maybe this week I can finally find time to start this program.

  3. Thanks, Julie. He is a master and it is always good to go back to the beginning and take a refresher.

    Tina, I hope you find the time to join in.

    Hi, Carol. Thanks!

  4. Those really pop! Did you use different size pens?

  5. Thanks Jo. I used a fine ink pen and a ink brush pen.

    Thank you, Lois and thanks for visiting.