Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Old Westbury Gardens

My friend and I recently painted at Old Westbury Gardens. We went to the Thatched Cottage first and I never left. The hollyhocks and other gorgeous flowers were just too much to resist.
I did this sketch directly in paint...just some of the random flowers in front of the house.

This one I focused on the wind with all the colors in front, especially those gorgeous hollyhocks.

Here is my painting against a bit of the actual view.


  1. Gorgeous Hollyhocks Joan, I loved seeing your taped painting against the scene

  2. ...super jobs, love the flower parade :-)

  3. This is just lovely, I love the random flower painting. The Hollyhock painting needs a frame!

  4. Another great day of paintings, Joan. You and a few other plein aire artists have rather inspired me. My goal is to get out for a bit this weekend and do some plein aire work of my own!

  5. Lorraine - Thank you!

    Kat - Thanks. It was fun to paint them all in a row.

    Celia - Thank you. It will eventually get framed.

    Sherry - Thanks! Go for it!! Have you done plein air before?

  6. Dear Joan - you really capture well the essence of those lovely flowers - looks like you had a lovely day for it as well. Thanks for sharing - Please have a lovely 4th!

  7. Debbie - Hope you have a great 4th! Thanks.