Friday, July 25, 2014

Painting in Riverhead

On Tuesday morning my PALS group headed off to an area along the river in Riverhead. All of that was a bit too green for me, so I focused on this old barn that is part of the East End Arts Council property...besides, I found nice shade there.  This is 5 x 7.

Then I went to see what everyone else was doing.

Chris was painting the same barn I did, but in oils. Yes, we were right by the Aquarium.

Jeanne was also painting the barn but from a different direction and including more of the scene.

Liz was doing a pastel of the riverfront.

We were planning to go to lunch, and since everyone was still working I did a sketch of a fisherman who was in the area.


  1. Love your paintings, Joan. Of course, I always do so no shock there. The pieces are really wonderful and it looks like you had an awesome day out with friends too.

  2. A busy but arty day was had by all and you did some lovely sketches