Monday, June 30, 2014

Art Day with Mickey

I recently had an "art day" with my sister, Mickey who lives in New Jersey. Of course we decided on a day and then the forecast was for temperatures in the 90s. We were tempted to postpone the art day but decided we would do something indoors instead. When I got to her house we decided to go out sketching before lunch while it wasn't quite as hot as they were predicting.

We went to The Gardens at Wycoff which is a few minutes from Mickey's house.
The roses were in bloom and were just gorgeous. I did this across a double page in my sketchbook and worked on each of these without any pencil sketching at all...just directly in paint.

After lunch we worked on collages using stained paper. This is the method we used in the workshop we had taken with Gerald Brommer back in March. I did this sunrise which is an 11 inch square.


  1. nice Roses and fabulous stained paper collage Joan. Colours that sing

  2. Stunning rose sketches Joan! Your collage is incredible! I love the bold colors. It looks like you painted it with watercolor, the colors are so vibrant. I hope you share many more art days with your sister! Did she post her work on her blog?

  3. My comments keep disappearing today (working on school computer because we lost power at home due to storms) but giving it the ol' college try. Love each of your roses and they came out so beautiful! The stained paper collage is also stunning!

  4. How lovely to paint with your sister. The sunset is glorious and the flower studies really excellent. What a lovely day you must have had

  5. Lorraine - Thanks so much.

    Celia - Thank you. The collage papers are preprinted with watercolors. My sister hasn't posted her work on her blog yet. She doesn't post too often.

    Sherry - Thanks. Sorry your comments keep disappearing.

    Polly - We have fun together but she is about 1 1/2 hrs away from me so we don't get together all that much.

  6. Wow! Joan! Love the rose sketches! The collage papers are striking. Exciting and so very beautiful.
    Did you use colored tissues paper for the collage? I love the results. What is the process called?
    Happy Very Wet And Windy July 4th!!!