Thursday, July 10, 2014

More From the Arboretum

When I was at the Planitng Fields Arboretum the other day I also did a few small sketches in the walled garden. There was so much in bloom. I sketched towards the Tea House first. 

Then I did a collection of some of the flowers directly in front of me.


  1. Gee Joan, sometimes I am not quick enough to add my comment before your blog is offering the next beautiful image.

  2. Your florals are beautiful, Joan. Love the idea of a teahouse nestled amongst all that flora; quite stunning painting!

  3. Joan - so very go the neatest places and sketch the best things. Have a lovely week-end.

  4. Thanks, Lorraine. I try to post something almost every day.

    Sherry - You would love the tea house! Thanks.

    Carol - Thank you.

    Debbie - I've been lucky to have a lot of great places to visit. Thanks.