Thursday, July 24, 2014

New London to Orient Point

Once I left Maine on Monday I had about a 3 hr trip to New London. I allowed myself some extra time so I could get down there and find a place for dinner before my 8pm ferry. I wanted someplace rustic with seafood. I checked out places on the internet and found what sounded like a good place....Fred's Shanty. Thank goodness for a GPS because I was taken on quite a few little streets along the water in New London, and around several traffic circles. Then it appeared and just like the description on the internet...and with a lot of people. I placed my order for whole belly fried clams and found an empty picnic table. Not to waste time I started sketching. The pencil sketch was finished before my number was called, and then after dinner I added the ink and watercolors. There were two kids at the next table that were fascinated by what I was doing. This is the result. I did about 1/4 of the number of people that were there.

The GPS got me to the ferry dock with no problem. Because it was the last ferry of the night it was pretty empty. I was hoping for a great sunset, but it was sort of pale. It did look pretty when the ferry was pulling away from the dock and the sun was right over the city.

I did go inside to find someone to pose for me with two poodles. Who could resist?


  1. Lovely post Joan, Freds Shanty a great sketch but am partial to the Poodles. My dog Rosie is a chocolate miniature poodle

  2. Hello Joan! As always great paintings and also photos! Love your Maine paintings! Love Maine! Great work! Keep them coming!

  3. Two wonderful sketches Joan...sounds like another wonderful day..(love the poodles!)

  4. The photo with the sunset is gorgeous. I had a weird juxtaposition with my eyes (probably due to the tower on the left) when I first looked and it seemed like an image of Jerusalem...don't ask me. I don't get me either. Anyhoodles, the poodles are wonderful too! Aren't they so well behaved? And now you have me wanting fried 4:55 a.m.!

  5. Lorraine, thanks. It seems like the poodles are a favorite.

    Michael, there is something in the air when you get to New England. Thanks.

    Hilda, thanks!!

    Sherry, thanks. I don't think you can find fried clams that early. lol Yes, the poodles were really well behaved.