Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Trip to Maine - Day 5

Monday morning I left my sister's house about 8:30 and drove down to Ogunquit, an artsy town along the water that is about 2 hrs south along the route home. One of my favorite places to sketch there is Marginal Way, a walkway along the cliff, a bit of a hike. There are a lot of benches and shaded spots, but I took along my painting chair because the benches never seem to be where I want to sketch. The number of rocks is overwhelming, but I gave it a shot.

First I painted looking in one direction, back to Perkins Cove where many of the tourist shops are.
It is always nice when a sailboat comes by.

Then sitting in the same location but a bit closer to the rocks I sketched what was straight ahead of me. I liked the space between the rock formations. For this one I used some ink too.

Here is a photo of the area.

And a photo of one of the paintings with a bit of the view behind it.


  1. Joan - these are both so lovely. What a gorgeous spot too for capturing the rocks and water. Hope you enjoyed your trip home. Have a wonderful day.

  2. These are beautiful, Joan! You are really in your element here!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! And I'd like a house right where you are sitting! Imagine!

  4. Thanks, Tina. Can you tell I love it up there?

    Sherry, thanks so much. You can have a just need to rob a bank. lol