Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Trip to Maine - Day 3

In Maine on Saturday, the weather was a bit overcast so we didn't head out anywhere in the morning. I decided to take a ride alone in the afternoon. Chris needed a day to relax. I think all our activity was too much for her new hips. She ended up napping and felt great by the time I got back.

I headed down to Port Clyde which is down a peninsula past Thomaston. I also drove through Tenants Harbor which is a great area, but they were having some town function and I couldn't find parking anywhere. Port Clyde had two galleries, a general store with a gas pump, two restaurants, and  a big lobster dock. It also provides ferry service to Monheagan Island (maybe next trip).

I ended up sitting on the lobster dock painting the view.

Here are a few photos.

Then I took a ride over to the Marshall Point Lighthouse featured in the movie with Forest Gump.
I didn't have enough time to paint or sketch there...just photos.


  1. How fabulous is this? It looks just like the photo! That store is cool looking!

  2. Beautifully done Joan. I see more to come from your great photos. Interesting that they are so small, the town, but have two art galleries!

  3. Oh Joan - what a lovely sketch and your photos of Maine are beautiful. Hoping I get there soon. Thank you for taking me along - I sure enjoyed the view.

  4. How lucky for you to be in Maine,Joan! Your sketches are delightful! I love the red and green of the dock! Enjoy your visit with your sister. Thanks for sharing all the photos, you will have plenty of inspiration for future paintings.

  5. Thanks, Sherry! It is one of those stores that have a little of everything.

    Lynn, I think every town up there has at least one art gallery. Thanks.

    Debbie, Thanks. I love going up there.

    Celia, thanks so much.