Sunday, July 20, 2014

Trip to Maine - Day 2

On Friday my sister picks up her farm share veggies in a pretty scenic spot. I went with her in the morning and did a quick painting of the view directly in watercolors. Up here there is usually some river, pond, lake, or ocean in each view.

Our next plan for the day was swimming at the Mills, which I believe is a part of Damariscotta Lake. We went early because parking isn't easy there since it is in the middle of a residential area. The plan was to swim and then sketch/paint, but it was so windy that we were freezing when we finally got out of the water. So we wrapped ourselves in towels and jumped in the car instead to head home.

After lunch we headed to Ocean Point in Boothbay. There is a great road right along the shore and you can park and climb out on the rocks. Chris isn't that mobile yet after having both hips replaced so  she sat along the road and I climbed down and sat in my chair on a flat rock to paint this view.

Here are a few photos of the area.

Then it was off to buy some lobsters! I didn't paint them this time.


  1. Nice little Watercolors Joan, that coastal scene is especially well done! Sounds like a fun trip to a beautiful place.

  2. ...sounds like a lovely day, except perhaps for the chilly swim, but at least you weren't far from comfort. Those rocks look tricky to negotiate, and fabulous to paint, you did 'em proud. So lovely to spend time with yer sister, t'is something of value that slips by far too quickly. Have a lovely day and thanks for sharing your joy bringing paintings :-)

  3. You have captured the very reason I've always wanted to live in Maine, and darned to close to the location I'd love to have a house (I always wanted to live on a cliff though). Really beautiful painting, Joan!

  4. Thank you David, Kat, and Sherry.

  5. Lovely. No wildlife there? :-)