Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Vanderzalm Christmas Trees

On Sunday I had to go to Bellport to drop off a painting for a show. I figured I would find a tree lot to sketch. This was done sitting outside the Vanderzalm Nursery in Bellport. They looked like they were pretty busy, but this lady spent a lot of time checking out just one tree. lol

I'm glad I had a few extra sketches done that weren't posted yet. I didn't get to sketch outside at all yesterday or today. Yesterday I put up my Christmas tree and assorted decorations inside. That exhausted me!

Today we had some snow. Luckily it didn't really accumulate much but there were some big snowflakes coming down for a while. I didn't venture out until late in the afternoon and spent most of the morning getting paintings matted and framed for my plain air group's holiday show this weekend.
I'm still not completely ready and am supposed to be meeting friends in NYC tomorrow. I will try to sketch before I meet them. It is supposed to be very cold tomorrow so I am hoping to sketch inside Grand Central terminal and on the train into the city. Wish me luck!


  1. I like all your tree farm sketches. You are certainly getting into the Christmas spirit with your art. :)

  2. Love the body language. You captured it wonderfully. Have fun in NY. burrr. :)

  3. Even cut and leaning, the trees are beautiful!!

  4. Wonderfully done, Joan!!! And snow too -- I've begun my season of snow envy!!!! Cold here - but sunny after days of rain -- hope you stay warm and well!

  5. Dear Joan - wonderful sketch - you are so dedicated with your sketching...I always enjoy seeing how you bring to life people going about the business of living. Hope you have fun in NYC with your friends. God bless!

  6. Mickey - It has been fun getting into the spirit. Thanks.

    Cris - I just love the poses with the trees. Thank you.

    Sherry - Thanks so much!

    Lin - Thanks. It feels like Christmas is in the air.

    Debbie - You are so sweet. Thank you!