Monday, December 9, 2013

Can I Get It Up There?

I have been searching all the Christmas tree lots for people buying trees.
This lady seemed a little stumped when she got back to her car. Luckily help came shortly after.


  1. love it.. but am curious.. what was the help? or who? :)

  2. I hope she had someone at home to help her, too! What a great series you are working on!

  3. I love this series Joan, they tell a story. Great work!

  4. She does seem daunted by the prospect of how they will manage to get that tree either into or onto the car. Made me smile, Joan. You perfectly depicted the child's thoughts and we can't even see her face. Her posture is perfect and maybe Dad is a little stumped too?

  5. Beautiful capture of a quintessential holiday moment! :)

  6. She looks like that might be an overwhelming job getting that tree into the car...this sketch is so good - thanks for making me smile today.

  7. Cris - I assumed it was her husband that came and put it on top of the car. She was just holding it for him. lol

    Tina - Each place is a little different from the others. Thanks.

    Celia - I'll have to put them all together. Thank you.

    Corn Dena - Thanks!

    Sherry - LOL It was a scene I saw many times while I sat there. Thanks.

    April - Yes, it is that season. Thanks.

    Debbie - You are welcome. Thanks for visiting.