Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sandy's Garden Center

The other day I took a ride over to Sandy's Garden Center in Farmingville.
They had their trees and wreaths ready along with an inflatable snowman.


  1. This is wonderful. Love what you find to sketch. You are a very active on location sketcher. :)

  2. This is wonderful, Joan!!! You captured the perfect Winter scene...!!!

  3. I think I am starting to recognize this place from years of following your blog! LOL In fact, I bet I'd recognize a lot of places if I were lucky enough to take a trip to your neck of the woods. As always, just truly a lovely little painting, Joan.

  4. Cris - Thanks. I do get out to sketch a bit.

    Hilda - Thank you.

    Tina - This time of the year is so fun. Thanks.

    Sherry - You have a good memory. I sketched here last year too. Thanks.