Saturday, December 28, 2013


I made these as gift cards for Christmas checks. This is one of the ornaments on my tree that is from my childhood.

This is one of the OLDEST ornaments that I own. There are a few of the fragile old ornaments I can always remember having on our tree...sort of makes them ancient. lol


  1. Oh I do love these cards, Joan. We always had the same ornaments year after year too. I don't know what my mom did with them. When I had my own family, I too used the same ornaments year after year. A couple of years ago I gave them all to my youngest daughter (she asked for them). I hope she takes good care of all of them.

  2. I'm glad that you kept these. Good idea making gift cards for checks.

  3. Sherry, thanks! I was the last one of the 5 kids in our family to leave home, so I got all the interesting treasures that were still home. lol

    Mickey, I still have a few of them. They are really fragile now...and look so old compared to the others.