Sunday, December 15, 2013

PALS Show Weekend

This was a busy weekend for me. It was the weekend of the PALS Plein Air Limner Society's 4th Annual Painting Long Island Show. This is the plain air group that I paint with every Tuesday morning. We usually paint beginning in April and continue until the beginning of December if the nice weather lasts. Here is our invitation.

Of course Saturday was snowy and cold here on Long Island and very few people stopped by, but we made up for it today when we had a lot of visitors...and quite a few people who purchased paintings, cards, etc.

I took a few photos of the paintings.
This wall is PALS On the Go and the work was done by some of the artists while they were traveling or vacationing. I have one hanging from Venice, one from Maine, one from Ireland, and one from France.

Some of the paintings below were done completely on location, some finished in the studio, and some done completely in the studio from references from our locations. We painted at some wonderful places this year!

Here is a photo of most of us that were at the gallery today for the show. From left to right are Liz, Jeanne, Chris, Susan, Marlene, Laurie, Rita, Rosamaria, Mary, Laurie, and me. 


  1. The show looks beautiful, Joan! Glad you had a nice turnout yesterday!

  2. An great show of your groups paintings Joan, always hard to get numbers at shows here in December, good luck with yours and Merry Christmas

  3. Wow Joan - this looks like a beautiful show. I am so glad too that you included a photo of all those who you sketch with on a regular basis. Hope you have a great week and thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Thanks Sherry, Lorraine, and Debbie. We do this show every December for 2 days only. In addition to all the people we know, the owners of all the properties we sketched at are invited. It is a short amount of time to do the show...but it seems to work.

  5. Beautiful work and great idea. Looks like you have so much fun. Thanks for sharing.

  6. The paintings are beautiful! All displayed so well.
    Love all your posts! You are so very talented Joan!
    Happy Holidays!