Sunday, December 22, 2013

Friday in the City

On Friday I met two friends in NYC to see the decorations. I went in early so I could sketch a bit. I sketched on the LIRR on the way into the city. This is a young girl that was with her parents. It doesn't look very much like her.

I walked up 34th Street and came to a small park in Herald Square that was decorated.

Next I headed to the NYC Public Library on 42nd Street. This was what I wanted to sketch. Outside the library are two massive stone lions. I believe this one is named Fortitude (the other one is named Patience). At Christmas they usually decorate them both with wreaths around their necks.I only had time to do the sketch before my friends, Maureen and Rhea arrived.

But I did finish it at home.

Around the corner from the Library is Bryant Park which has a tree and a skating rink, but what we wanted were the small stores that are set up for holiday shopping.
Here is a photo of the tree there.

We had lunch, shopped some more and then headed over to Rockefeller Center to see the tree.
It was so crowded and crazy...and it wasn't even dark yet. 

We really wanted to see the tree at night, so we went to have coffee and dessert.
The tree and the lights around Rockefeller Center are just amazing...and the crowds are too!

Here we are in front of the tree.

Maureen and I walked back to Penn Station to catch our respective trains. I had a bit of a wait so I sketched someone buying tickets.

I did one final sketch of a woman on the train going home.

This ends another long, exhausting day in the city!


  1. I love this post for your wonderful art and for memories evoked for a time long ago (1960) when those library lions were a meeting place for new boyfriend and me.(short lived romance before I embarked on trip to Spain then Israel!

  2. What a great day of fun and sketching! I love the festive lion! And you're right -- that was probably way more crowded than the mall I went to!

    - Tina

  3. Joan, if you could, please package up some of your energy and mail it to me! I love your sketches and the photos are beautiful!!

  4. Lynn - I'm glad it brings back memories. Thanks so much!

    Tina - Thanks. This wasn't the one I meant. lol

    Sherry - LOL I was dragging after this. Thanks.