Sunday, December 8, 2013

Buying a Tree

Yesterday I took a ride out east and stopped at a "cut your own" Christmas tree farm.
I had no intention of getting a tree. I just wanted to sketch. I parked my car along the opposite side of the street. These cars were parked in a line side by side amid LOTS of other cars...maybe about 60 of them...almost as far as the eye could see. I focused on just one car at a time and took artistic license to leave out the others. I watched for when they carried over a tree by a car...that would be my model. I figured I had enough time to sketch the activity while they tied the tree to the roof...and I was right.


  1. Clever you. did you sketch the car before and wait for them to come or just do the whole thing at once. Nice job.

    1. Do you take a pix to use later for the details? Or just wing it?

  2. Would have certainly been an entertaining sight, nice sketches

  3. Fun sketches, Joan! We just got our tree today!

  4. Bet you saw some sights with people struggling with their trees! Due to my absence I've looked at and enjoyed so many of your sketches, they are all lovely. I'm really impressed with the portrait "Maria". Great, sensitive handling. Super work Joan!!

  5. Great work on catching the action, I love the sketch from the previous post too! We just put up our tree yesterday.

  6. Oh I bet this smells so good!!! This was always a fund day for me when I could take my daughters and go get a tree! I hope these guys enjoyed their day as much!

  7. Chris, I started with a car that people just brought the tree over to. I did the shape quickly and then worked on the people. I figured I could add the details and color later.

    Lorraine - Thanks. There were so many fun people I wanted to sketch.

    Tina - I could have sketched you!

    Kevin - Thanks so much! You are so kind to come and check the sketches you missed.

    Celia - Thanks!

    Sherry - I always loved going to get a tree as a kid, but then we switched to a fake tree. I still love the smell. Thanks.

  8. Joan!
    You and your paintings are so good!
    The "Norman Rockwell Of Watercolors!" Bravo!

  9. Michael - You are too funny! Thank you.