Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dingle Part II

The buildings in Dingle are colorful and quaint. This group of buildings is called An Caladh, or the Colony. There are several shops including the Dingle Music Shop.

I sketched one evening at the An Droicead Beag, a triaditional Irish pub that has traditional music. We got there too late to get a table in the front room where the musicians were. I liked the look of the arched entrance and all the people watching the musicians play.

At the edge of the town on the way to Slea Loop Drive that went around the tip of the peninsula was an interesting stone bridge. Everything on the hillsides was wonderful greens. I passed this area every morning when I went walking.

Down the street from the house we were renting there was a fenced area with sheep. They were so cute and interesting to watch.


  1. Thanks for sharing your Irish adventure. Each delightful picture tells a story!

  2. Linda!
    You are now one Rocking Irish Scene watercolorist!
    I am hoping the people of Ireland are checking out your blog!
    Fantastic work!
    Thanks for sharing your travels with us through your wonderful art!
    So very nice!
    Michael O'

  3. Some super sketches in this group. I'm enjoying your Irish Adventure.

  4. Such fabulous paintings, Joan. I especially love the stone bridge piece!

  5. Thanks Polly, Michael, Mickey, and Sherry!

  6. Joan - those houses are lovely colors. This must be a wonderful place to visit.