Monday, May 27, 2013

Dingle Part IV

I would like to take a minute in honor of Memorial Day
to thank all of those who gave so much for our freedom.

As you can see I did a lot of painting in the Dingle area.
This painting has a bit of  a story. I read in my Rick Steves Ireland book that there was a lighthouse in Dingle that you could walk to, and he gave directions to get there. The book said it was about a 45 minute walk one way which seemed doable. So I went off with my backpack and painting supplies.
Of course it was a windy day and cold...but it looked like it wouldn't rain. After the first two turns it told you to climb over the steps by the Coast Guard building and follow the pathway along the ledge along the water in the harbor. It did not tell me that I would have to climb through a slatted fence (luckily I fit) or that I would be walking through a cow pasture for part of the trip with many cows having lunch. I did pass some lovely views of a tower up on a hill too.

When I got to the lighthouse I sat down on my tripod stool and started painting. By the time I was nearly finished, I had my scarf wrapped around my head because it was so cold, and I was wearing my earmuffs and my gloves. It was a pretty spot. I loved the brick wall and the posts on the left.

Walking back wasn't too bad because the wind was to may back. But there was a section that was downhill that was very muddy and along the side of a cliff. My balance isn't good normally and here I was walking with my very overstuffed backpack on slippery, muddy rocks...but I did it!

Paudie's Bar and B&B was one of the typical colorful buildings down by the harbor.

I tried to sketch a view down one of the main streets in Dingle. 
All those cars made me crazy since I don't like sketching cars.

This was the view from Blue Zone Jazz & Pizza.
Our table had a rooftop view.

This was a great store where I searched and searched for a non-wool Irish sweater. They had the prettiest sweaters but nothing I could wear...not even most of the scarves.
It did make a nice spot for sketching.


  1. I like the colors in the sketch of the woolen store. One of those sweaters would keep me toasty in the winter.

  2. Some great holiday treasures here for sure, I love the lighthouse scene and can feel the icy cold!

  3. Wow, such dedication to your art that you would trek through a cow field! :-) You have a marvelous travel sketchbook, Joan.

  4. Gosh, what a fabulous trip and sketches!! I especially love the light house piece, Joan. It was well worth your hike. What a fabulous scrap book these would all make together! I hope that is how you keep each of these, a wonderful journal of your trip.

  5. Love all of these sketches, Joan!! Beautiful memories here!!

  6. Mickey - I was thinking of you and your reindeer sweater when I was there. lol Thanks.

    Lorraine - I shiver when I look at it. Thank you.

    Tina - Thanks. I had some fun adventures.

    Sherry - I did a lot while I was there. Thanks.

    HIlda - Thanks so much!

  7. Joan!
    You are one very talented and very busy artist!
    I am loving your work so much. Also loving Ireland!
    Great paintings!
    I am so happy you post your art!

  8. Thanks, Michael. I wore out my brushes in Ireland.

  9. Joan - I so admire you...your sketches are always so well done. Your self-discipline to paint and sketch daily shows in every one of your posts. You inspire me. Love that peachy rose color on the that is somewhere I could live.