Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kilmore Quay Part II

We did take a few side trips from Kilmore. One afternoon we drove to the town of Wexford which was about 30 km away from where we were staying. It was the closest bigger town and actually had a library with internet access. I visited the Spectrum Art and Framing Shop to give something to the owner from a friend who had been there last year. The owner recommended that I visit the Greenacres Gallery which I sketched here.

One day we planned a ride to see two sights. They were about 45 minutes away from Kilmore. The first was Tintern Abbey. We got lost along the way and some kind Irishman led us to the correct road in his car. It was an impressive place, partly in ruins. It was founded in 1131. How's that for historical?The grounds were lovely. I painted this standing on this old bridge facing the abbey.

We left there looking for the Hook Lighthouse. From the map it looked like it was a direct route from one to the other, but we took the Hook Loop which although it sounded like it should be correct...wasn't. We went way out of the way often on these narrow roads where one car could barley pass. And of course it was very windy. Eventually we found the lighthouse.
I sketched it from outside but it was much too windy and I did the painting from inside the car.


  1. These are all painted so beautifully, Joan. I feel like I've been traveling with you when I look at all these pieces. (I love Hook Lighthouse!!)

  2. More beauty! Thanks so much, Joan, for sharing your trip with me via these beautiful little paintings.

  3. I love your painting/sketch of Tintern Abbey. That looks like a place I would love to see. I think here in the US we don't appreciate the true antiquity of those places. They have been standing for hundreds of years. Sounds like a nice Irishman saved you from getting lost. The Hook Lighthouse is superb too. I enjoyed my vist - thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks, Hilda.

    Sherry - You are always such a good fan.

    Debbie - Thanks. Here we thing something is old if it is 100 years old. Places like the Tintern Abbey are just so amazing.

  5. super ones, the abbeys lovely, don't blame you sitting in the car to paint, all lovely to look at...