Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kilmore Quay Part III

At the beginning of the week it was almost warm enough to sit on the beach at Kilmore Quay.
Of course there were families there for the weekend and the kids did put their feet in the water.
These two guys ventured out in their small sailboat. I would have been freezing. lol

Here are a few houses that were overlooking the beach.

This was the main street in Kilmore Quay...notice all the traffic. lol
This section had the most thatched cottages.


  1. Do you know that as beautiful as these thatched roof homes are, I imagine mice and mugs living in them. Gives me the willies it does! Love your sketches, as always, Joan. What a trip!

  2. All three drawings are wonderful, Joan. LOVE the main street in Kilmore Quay!!!

  3. Thanks so much Sherry and Hilda!