Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Galway Part III

Galway was a fun and colorful town.

Here is one of the old wooden fishing boats called hookers.
I did this one later in the afternoon after the hailstorm.

When I needed a little warmth I came back to the B&B we were staying in called the Ardawn House and sketched in the sitting room while I sipped some wine.

We had some very tasty lunches in Galway. 
Mussels with spicy chili sauce at McDonagh's Seafood were delicious!


  1. Wonderful paintings..Love the blues in the mussels, Joan! and the fishing boat is painted beautifully.

  2. Hi Joan!
    Again, welcome home!
    Love these latest posts! I especially love the "hooker" boat! It is amazing to me how your work keeps getting better and better.
    Keep on keeping on!

  3. Love that sitting room! So charming! I am loving your Ireland pieces. I'm an Irish girl so I'm getting to see a bit of the country through your eyes.

  4. Thanks Hilda, Michael, and Sherry. I enjoyed each place we visited.

  5. Now that looks like quite a fishing boat. You even sketched your mussels. That is something I have never tried but I bet they were delicious with a spicy sauce. So enjoyed catching up on your posts and seeing the sights of Galway.

  6. Great job on the boat. The sitting room looks very cozy, a good place to go after a hail storm. And the mussels look very tasty.

  7. ...that boats brill, you must have been frozen, guess ya needed that wine fer medicinal purposes... :-)