Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kilmore Quay

Our next stop was Kilmore Quay in County Wexford. It is a sleepy fishing village with several thatched roof cottages that just charmed me. Apparently the population is under 450 people. It is a popular place for RVs and fishermen.

There isn't much of a town...two small (and I do mean small) markets that were barely as large as my living room, two seafood shops, a few restaurants and pubs, a few B&Bs, a church, a lovely beach, a big dock with commercial as well as private boats, a seafood processing plant, and a few gift shops. The weekend we got there it was a bank holiday in Ireland so there were a lot of people in RVs vacationing for a few days. That also meant that Kehoe's Pub had live music two nights over the weekend. Yeah!

Like I said, I was charmed by the thatched roof cottages. Here are a few.

This second one was my favorite. I would have loved to have seen the inside of the cottages. I was fascinated during the week to watch workmen repairing/replacing the roof on one cottage. Each roof is different. There were some newer, more modern looking cottages but the little whitewashed ones had more character.

This is the Catholic Church in Kilmore. I was surprised to see palm trees in front of it.
I painted this during what felt like gale force winds. I was sitting and leaning against a large sign that felt like it was going to blow over on top of me.


  1. Your cottages are so pretty, I am in awe of how much painting you achieved on your travels

  2. I'm loving your Ireland tour! Have to admit, that second cottage has me wishing to see inside too! The top one looks like a mansion!

  3. I love the thatched-roof cottages! The one with the blue gate looks so pretty.

  4. My fingers are tingling with the cold - I am so impressed with how much sketching you were able to do in spite of the Very Irish Weather! I think my favorite is the castle - your sketch captures that feeling of ancient isolation and persistence perfectly.

  5. Lorraine - Thank you. I tried to do two small paintings a day and then a sketch if we were at a pub in the evening.

    Sherry - Thanks. I know you can rent a thatched cottage, but they never seemed to be where we were going to be.

    Mickey - Aren't they great looking houses? Thanks.

    Kerry - I was really bundled up when I was out painting there. I think the sun was out and it was warm one day for a few hours, and I was able to take off my coat and sweater. lol Thank you!

  6. Joan - you really seemed to capture the texture of those thatched roofs. I love the second house as well. I am sure your sketches will bring back wonderful memories for years to come. Take care.