Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Beach Scenes

A friend of mine heads the Tri-Hamlet Sketch Group and on Saturday she scheduled a sketch meeting at Smith Point Beach, the beach I usually go to. Although I am not a member of her group I have joined the group a few times. We met near the rangers station. It was very windy and my water container blew over a few times, but I was able to do one watercolor sketch outside.

Meanwhile, Jen and another woman were sketching the views from inside the rangers station. For this  second sketch I joined them on the second floor of the ranger station. It was nice to have a bird's eye view of the beach.


  1. I so admire your dedication. Water container being blown over and more than once! You did capture the moody sky beautifully and I grinned when I read the sign.

    1. LOL Julie, thanks. Plein air can be a messy business.

  2. You are so intrepid, Joan! They are both lovely sketches.

  3. Both are so lovely! Indeed, plain air is a different story compared to studio work, but an excellent training experience - you must work much faster and to simplify both in terms of composition and palette.