Monday, June 5, 2017

Arts on Terry

I'm going to skip over a few sketches (I promise I'll go back to them.) because of what I took part in yesterday. In the town of Patchogue, they held the second annual "Arts on Terry" which this year was part of the "Summer of Love 2017" which will continue with events all summer. OK, I did the summer of love 60s thing back in the day and was very reluctant to go back and do it again, but two of my art groups were I joined in. Luckily the art didn't need to reflect the theme.

Terry Street was closed to traffic and set up with booths and racks to display art. Most of the local art groups signed up and participated. I belong to the South Bay Art Association and we had a booth. Each participating artist for that group was allowed to bring 2 pieces of work to display. I think we had about 46 pieces in total. Here is our booth. In addition to the framed artwork we brought notecards, matted pieces of art, and I brought my alcohol ink tiles and some books of my art too.

We were asked if some of the members would be willing to demonstrate their painting or sketching while the event was going on. A few of our members did. I am at my easel in the photo below on the right sketching the scene along the street. The other two ladies were working on paintings that were being done from photos.

Here is the sketch that I did of the festival.

My other group, the Patchogue Sketch Club, was about two booths away, so I tried to share my time with them too. Here are a couple of photos from that group. We decided to dress in 60s garb if possible. I did paint a t-shirt just for the occasion.

Here are my sketching friends Cindy, LuAnn and Rosanne.

In the spirit of the 60s Christina painted flowers on her face and I had my peace sign t-shirt.

Our group also provided clipboards, paper, pencils and markers to anyone who came along and wanted to sketch. Quite a few of the kids did.

Right near our booth, an artist friend, Amanda Reilly was painting a large canvas. She runs the Sideshow Sketch Night events that I go to every once in a while. Here she is on her ladder painting.


And here she is with her painting nearly completed. The umbrella was to keep her work dry because it started to rain.

I sketched Amanda when she had just started...little did I know that there would be a beast in the painting too...but knowing Amanda that didn't surprise me.

It was such a fun event, with art being created everywhere. There were models posing for sketchers, music, poetry, glass blowing, pottery wheels, etc. The only thing that interfered with the day was the weather. Setup started around 9 for the artists, the event opened at 12, and it started raining around 3. We ignored it for a while and just made sure the artwork was safe in the booths. The rain got heavier around 3:45 and they called it a day. The event should have gone on until 6. 

Here are a few of our merry sketchers who lasted until the end in the rain. It was great that at the end of the day we didn't have to do anything except take our paintings, sketches, and materials. The Patchogue Arts Council took care of the racks and booths.

We were a bit soggy by then, but everyone had a great time and would do it again.


  1. On our way to Peconic herb farms we passed through Arts on Terry! I wish I had stopped!!! Someday I will meet year I will definitely be there!!!

    1. LOL Our paths will cross at some point. It was a lot of fun.

  2. What a fun event! Looks like you got into the Summer of Love spirit after all! ;-)

    - Tina

    1. I had a fun time. Yes, under protest I did get into my 60s spirit.

  3. hmuxo and Joan, too bad you missed each other. The sketches and report are great.

    1. Thanks Jo. Hilda and I have been missing each other at events for a few years now.

  4. What a fabulous day - in spite of the rain! It looks like a wonderful event and you are so lucky to have it!