Friday, June 30, 2017

Alcohol Ink Demo

On Wednesday night I did a demo/workshop for one of my art groups on painting tiles with alcohol inks. We have some sort of demo or activity each month. I thought that rather than doing just a demo it would be more fun for people to actually try the activity too. So the association paid for some supplies and the members came for a fun night. I am in the front of the photo with the black shirt and ponytail (so my hair wouldn't end up in the ink). My thanks to the president of the South Bay Art Association, Krystle DiNicola for this photo and the youtube video she created.

Here is a link to the video on youtube.

I took a few photos, but most of the time I was just too busy seeing what everyone was doing and answering questions. From the reaction of everyone there they had a great time.

Tile designed by Christina Wright Hanson.

I wish I had taken more photos of the tiles that were created.


  1. What a very professional editing job on the video. I really enjoyed it and it was fun seeing all the different work being done. I applaud you for doing a demo where everyone could try it and you made it look easy and fun!
    Don't you love the colors of the alcohol inks. YUMMY!

    1. Thanks, Julie. At first they asked me just to do a demo, but then I suggested that it would be much more fun for everyone to try it too.

  2. Wow, excellent demonstration, and it looks like the attendants did wonderful works following your advice!!! Can you give a few details on the materials and tools used? Are these inks expensive?

  3. Thanks, Oty. Here is a link to the brand of inks I used. If you look on youtube there are a lot of videos that show how it is done. That's how I learned.®-adirondack®-alcohol-inks

  4. Looks like everyone had a great time. Great idea to have some hands on after the demo - sounds like a great club to belong to. The fact that you got any photos while the work ws being done is a miracle - lol.

  5. Such concentration by all. Great fun and good results. Perfect result for,the teacher