Tuesday, March 29, 2016

To the City and Back

Last Saturday I joined the NYC Urban Sketchers in the city. We weren't meeting until 11, but I wanted to go in early and sketch somewhere. I took the LIRR from Ronkonkoma and had a view of this man and his son/grandson.

This sketch I did in pen but I find that there is a bad vibration on the LIRR as we travel, and it makes it difficult to get smooth ink lines. It doesn't seem to matter so much with pencil.

Once I got to Penn Station I stopped for breakfast at Central Market. My friend, Pat, always eats there and there is a great view if you sit all the way in the back. I sketched the people in front and behind the counter.

This man came and sat down between me and the counter. I had a little more time so I sketched him on my iPad using Art Rage.

 I'll save the sketches from the day for tomorrow's post. Before I caught the train back home I stopped in Penn Station and had coffee. Of course I couldn't resist sketching the people.

 My final sketch of the day was a woman on the train.


  1. Looks like we've both had fun lately sketching on public transportation! I can relate to jiggly lines on buses and trains!


  2. Hi Joan, just catching up on your recent posts. Love all your sketches - particularly your Easter card! Beautiful! Reading about all your outings is really whetting my appetite! Can't wait!!!!

  3. These are fun and so well done. Great day!

  4. Thanks, Tina. It's strange how the LIRR is harder to sketch on than the subway here. I haven't tried sketching on a bus.

    Wendy, thanks. I hope you are ready for NYC!

    Thanks so much, Jo.

  5. So very cool. Thanks for the glimpse into NYC life. I haven't been on a train for 30 years and a bus even longer. - I enjoyed this a lot, Joan.