Friday, March 11, 2016

Hot Dog Beach & Osprey Nest

I'm not sure how this beach on Dune Road in Westhampton got the name "Hot Dog Beach." I has had that name since I went there in 1968 and probably before that. It was a big hangout in the summer for young people for a long time, now it is a beach where in the summer only residents can park. I sat in the lot across the other side of Dune Road to sketch this view.

Then I did a smaller version as an ATC for an exchange one of my art groups was planning.

In the same area (in fact directly behind me at the end of the parking lot) was the remains of a barge where bands used to play. Right near it was a great osprey nest. I did an ATC sized sketch of that.

If you notice, I've been trying to watermark my sketches and paintings lately. I often post them on Facebook and know several people from there and other spots who have had their images stolen. I don't know if the watermark will help but I'm trying to remember to do that before I post them now.


  1. I like these asymmetrical compositions a lot!


  2. Just beautiful Joan! I particularly love the middle one. You have so many interesting little towns on Long Island.

  3. You do these beach scenes so well Joan. Gorgeous.

  4. These are all great but I like the middle one the best. However, I have never figured out ATC's - what do people do with them? - lol

  5. Great beach scenes! Maybe the "young people" used to cook hot dogs on the beach, and that's how it got its name. :)

  6. Thanks, Hilda!

    Glad you like them, Tina. Thanks.

    Wendy, thanks. I have lots of mileage on my car from driving to them all. LOL

    Laura, thank you!

    Val, thanks. Some people trade the ATCs and some people call them ACEOs and sell them. I've done both. I keep the ones I get in sleeves in a folder.

    Mickey, thanks. I'm sure there must have been a hot dog stand there at one point. I only remember there being a concession with a bar.

  7. Beautiful all of them!!! My favorite is the ATC one!