Sunday, March 20, 2016

Blue Point Dock

This was sketched along one of the canals in Blue Point. The boats are still covered or out of the water at this time of year. Spring may have arrived, but we are expecting snow tonight into we go again!


  1. Those trees do look wintry still! So sorry to hear about more snow. . . must be tiresome by now.


  2. More snow,I'm sorry to hear this. Your sketch is beautiful! Maybe you can sketch spring flowers indoors...stay warm!

  3. The trees are beautiful without the leaves to hide their graceful shapes. I am torn when summer brings so much green because although the colors are lovely, I miss the structure.
    I like your Roast painting very much too.
    Getting snow? Hope it will not kill the fruit coming on the trees you have starting to bloom.

  4. It looks really chilly there and makes you wish for a sunny day!

  5. Tina, thanks. I was all excited to be able to sketch it and by the time I got out of my meeting it was almost all gone. lol

    Thank you, Celia. Right now it is sunny and the snow has already melted.

    Julie, I'm not sure what the plants and trees here are thinking. There were trees in bloom nearly 2 months ago when it got warm, and then it was freezing again, and now a touch of snow.

    Val, it was chilly. Thanks.