Thursday, March 3, 2016

Ted Nuttall Workshop - Day 4

This week is really flying by. It was cold this morning when we went out walking...just 37 degrees. Luckily we had our winter gear with us.:) Sunrise was really nice.

The lesson this morning was on composition and we looked at slides of paintings by various artists, seeing what their painting would look like without a certain element or in a different shape. Ted showed us that with several of his paintings too. He often does unusual compositions and showed us one photo that he cropped three different ways and had painted all three. His work is amazing!

I did some more work on my second painting. I'm really happy that Ted also did a lesson on changing the skin tones as you go down the face. It really helped me with the coloring today.

After lunch we went over to the Art Museum that is across from the resort. They usually have great exhibits. This time there were 4 and the one I liked the best was by Kirkland Smith who uses trash (plastic mostly) to create these wonderful "assemblages." Several of them were portraits like these of Marilyn Monroe and the Virgin Mary. They were great!

Hopefully we will go back to the studio tonight to do a little more work. 


  1. Wow Joan!! Your portrait/painting is looking absolutely amazing! What a great job you are doing! I love the assemblage pieces and so wish I could do such things...or even collages like that. Breathtaking post all the way around.

  2. Thanks Sue!

    Sherry, it's so good to see you! Hope all is well. Thanks so much.