Saturday, March 5, 2016

Springmaid Beach - Day 6

Once again we were lucky enough to be able to walk and enjoy the sunrise this morning.

I forgot to post one photo last night. This is the group that was in this week's workshop with Ted Nuttall...all except for one person who missed the photo.

We decided to stay an extra day after the workshop to see some of the area. We went to Georgetown this morning, did a few sketches and had lunch at Big Tuna.

Street view of Big Tuna in Georgetown, SC.

Entrance to River Room Restaurant in Georgetown, SC.

On the way back to the resort we stopped at Murrell's Inlet, hoping to see some pelicans, but there were none around. I had to settle for sketching Wahoo's.

Wahoo's at Murrell's Inlet.


  1. Glad you had an opportunity to enjoy the area and sketch on your own after working hard in the workshop, which sounds like it was fantastic!


  2. Dear Joan - awesome photos and sketches friend. So glad you enjoyed an extra day at the beach. Hope you have a safe trip home. Hugs!

  3. Thanks for sharing these with us. Gorgeous photos and your sketches are so wonderful :)

  4. Your watercolor sketches are wonderful! It is great that you were able to spend a day exploring and doing these extra paintings. thanks for sharing Joan!

  5. Thanks, Tina. It was a great trip!

    Debbie, thanks so much!

    Sheila, thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing my week.

    Thanks, Val. When I don't get to sketch I feel something is missing.

  6. Wonderful work Joan. Happy to see you a great time.

  7. Great photos and sketches! I really enjoyed our trip.

  8. Thanks, Joan. They have so many good workshops there.

    Mickey, as always it was a lot of fun. Thanks!