Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Ted Nuttall Workshop - Days 2 & 3

Yesterday we woke up to cloudy skies, but we went for a beach walk anyway going out when it was still dark. There wasn't much color due to the low clouds but we got to do our exercise walk. This is what it looked like when we finally were back in our room.

Ted has been working on two paintings using a photo he took of a woman who was working at the resort last year. She stopped by yesterday because she heard that Ted was painting her picture. Here she is with Ted. She was thrilled with what he was painting.

It is hard to see one of the paintings behind them but here is the other painting that he has been working on.

Painting by Ted Nuttall.

I continued working on my same painting yesterday, doing layers and layers of glazing with transparent watercolors...but I forgot to take a photo of what the painting looked like by the end of the day...sorry!
This morning we woke up to showers, so we didn't go walking. By the time we were done with breakfast the sun was shining. 

We did get to go out for a walk after lunch. Here's Mickey on the beach.

I took some photos of the trees.

I did more work on the painting of Lucy. I think it is nearly done.

Here is the painting with the reference photo.

I started a second painting today. Here is the sketch and my beginning steps.  The reference photo was taken in Nashville on one of our trips.

More to come tomorrow.


  1. I love Ted's work. And yours is looking great too! Can't wait to see everything finished.

  2. Wonderful experience!!! I love the works, both your and Ted's!!!

  3. You picked a wonderful workshop, Joan! I had never heard of Ted,but judging by his painting he will be a wonderful instructor. Your portrait is looking pretty awesome!

  4. Thanks, Carol. He's such a good teacher.

    Oty, thanks so much!

    Celia, thanks. I knew of him before, and last year he was one of the other instructors when we were here. We liked what we saw being done in his class so we jumped at the chance to take the class this year.