Friday, March 4, 2016

Ted Nuttall Workshop - Day 5

We had cloudy start to the day, so no color at sunrise again...but we did walk.

Today was the last day of Ted Nuttall's workshop here at Springmaid Beach Water Media Workshops. We had such a great time and he is such a nice person and a super teacher. I would definitely take a class with him again. The class was small...just 10 of us so we got lots of attention.

Ted Nuttall instructs the class.

My painting of the singer is nearly done. I may put another wash over the background when I get home.

Here I am working at my easel.

Friday night is gallery night and the students hang up their work that was done in the workshop they were attending. There were four different workshops going on in various studios. Here I am with the two paintings I did this week.

My sister, Mickey, and her paintings of some of her grandkids.

I am always amazed by the amount, and the quality of work that is done at these workshops.


  1. Your painting is fabulous, Joan! Looked like a great workshop....and how wonderful that talent runs in your family!!!

  2. OUTSTANDING JOAN! WHAT FUN! Wish the weather were better for you ...

  3. Looks like it was a great workshop Joan and the paintings by you and your sister are lovely

  4. Thanks so much, HildaX!

    Lin, we didn't mind. It was warmer than NY and we were at the beach. lol Thanks.

    Thanks, Sheila!

    Val, thanks! We had a lot of fun and learned a lot.

  5. Wow Joan your paintings are superb. Looks like you accomplished much success at this workshop. Your sister's art is awesome as well. So glad you shared. Have a wonderful coming week. Hugs!

  6. Joan the portrait is fabulous. Lovely to see you at work.

  7. Your portrait of the singer came out SO good!!!

  8. Thanks so much, Debbie!

    Laura, thanks!

    Mickey, thanks...I was really happy with it.