Friday, July 17, 2015

Socrates Sculpture Park

Last Saturday the NYC Urban Sketchers went to Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens. We had a sunny, warm day there. In the morning there was a yoga class going on under the trees. Mark and I sat to sketch them, which was a challenge because they don't hold a pose for very long. I call this "Yoga Gone Wild" because it looks like everyone is doing their own thing because I sketched each one doing a different pose. The instructor is standing up in the middle. Some of the students came over and checked out the sketches...and nobody seemed offended, which is always a good thing. lol

Next I did the rocky view along the water with these great barns/sheds/buildings. I'm not quite sure what they would be called.

After our lunch break I noticed these two ladies with a little girl and her bike. Luckily I sketched them rather quickly because they took off before I could add the color. The background trees and buildings did stay in place. We were able to also see the lighthouse on Roosevelt Island which we sketched back a few months ago.


The park had a few unusual sculptures (see the yoga sketch above). This one was a pyramid shaped living sculpture covered with grass and a few flowers. In the background you can see the building on the right which was a piano factory.

I think we all enjoyed the day. We had a nice breeze and lots of shade to keep us comfortable. This was another great location.


  1. What fun you have out and about sketching. I always love your compositions, Joan. I'd love to tour a piano factory! Or a harp factory!!!