Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fire Island Lighthouse Evening

My sketch group went to the Fire Island Lighthouse Wednesday...meeting around 6:30. I love painting there any time of day. I sketched the lighthouse itself with the boardwalk leading to it. The weather was so humid that the paper wasn't drying. I had to do quite a bit of touching up at home.

The second sketch is a weed that I was told by a gardening friends is called mullein. I thought it was pretty and it grows pretty tall.

We stayed long enough to see the sunset.


  1. You've been so busy while I've been away, but then that comes as no surprise. Love the paper cups! Love the metal flags and hydrangea! And of course, I love these too. Funny that the humidity kept the paper from drying. Who knew?

  2. Thanks, Sherry. I've had it happen on rainy days but that night didn't seem that humid. Hope you had a fun time away!