Sunday, July 26, 2015

Lavender Field

My plein air group went to Lavender By the Bay in East Marion recently. I just love that place!!! The fragrance is wonderful and it is so pretty. It started off as a cloudy day and of course as soon as I got out in the field it started to sprinkle. lol I put up my plein air umbrella and continued painting. It was so humid the paper never seemed to dry. I used some kosher salt to make the patterns in the lavender.

Here is the view and the painting.


  1. I was there last week... you step out of the car and smell the lavender right away!! An amazing painting place for you, Joan. Excellent piece...

  2. You obviously go prepared for the weather, just as well then as it started to rain. Love your painting Joan, especially the salt effect at the bottom that works well (but what is kosher salt, is it like sea salt?)

  3. How lovely!!! And the scent must have just been exquisite and oh so relaxing!!!

  4. Thanks, Hilda. I love that place.

    Ann, I'm always ready. lol Thanks.

    Sherry, I just love the smell of lavender, and painting it is such fun. Thanks.