Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I haven't made it to portrait sketching in a while but I did last night to find this handsome gentleman as our model. One of the older ladies in the group saw him in a local restaurant and sent the waitress over to ask him if he would model for us. lol He was really a good sport and told us his wife is an artist so he supports the arts.


  1. Joan looks like this fella was very handsome. Hope you had a great time with your group. It is so nice to get with other artists and share. I know when I have time it inspires me. Also visiting you does too.

  2. Joan, this is a very nice portrait paint/sketch. You do these so well.

  3. Thanks Sherry, Debbie and Maggie. It is always fun to do portraits with a group and then see all the different versions of the person.