Tuesday, July 28, 2015

SketchCrawl #48

Saturday was the 48th World Wide SketchCrawl. My friend, Susan and I decided to stay local and headed over to the Suffolk County Farm in Yaphank. My first sketch was of a calf, but after coming over to greet us he turned and sat with his back to us.

The red barn is where they sometimes feed the cows if they are not out in the pasture. I like when they bring them in because they eat at a trough and you can get real close. They were nowhere to be found...just our luck.

This is one of the silos on the farm. I'm not sure what is inside...and I should have checked since the door was open.

There was a kid's birthday party going on, so there were moms and their kids over by the animals. I sketched these two little girls and their mom who were checking out one of the horses.

Over in the fenced area were a few other animals...a piglet

and a rooster and a goat.


  1. You got a lot of great sketching done. I really love the mother with the two kids on the fence. Awesome - a universal tale.

  2. Great sketches for the sketch crawl. Love that calf and the silo.

  3. Great sketches for the sketch crawl. Love that calf and the silo.

  4. Animals are among my fave sketching subjects -- so much fun, even when they turn their backs on you! Glad you got out for the 48th!

  5. Now this was a fun day and some great sketches to show for it. I especially love the colors in the one of the silo and of the piglet!

  6. Thanks, Julie. I like sketching moments like that.

    Thanks so much, Carol! We need to get together.

    Tina, animals are fun to sketch, but not so cooperative. lol Thanks.

    Thanks, Sherry!

  7. Joan- love these sketches. They all could have been done here. The top one really caught my eye...wonderful mix with barn in the background. Super friend.

  8. I'm a country girl as you know. I love seeing these!