Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bellport Bike

My friend who is reopening the gallery in Bellport also invited my sketch group to hang some of our sketches, especially local ones, in the new gallery for the opening. I've been trying to do a few different sketches from the town. I found this great bike in front of an interior design shop.


  1. I am out here Joan! Loving every one of your paintings! Love this little bike. Love the flowers! Well done! (Of course!!!)

  2. This is fun and a wonderful sketch. Love how you see beauty everywhere, Joan. That is an important gift.

  3. This is really sweet, and I love your complementary palette of the bike and its shadow!

  4. The colours pop in this great painting

  5. Thanks, Michael!

    Julie, thanks. Like you, I love finding special spots.

    Thanks so much, Tina. I painted the shadows first so I would have them before it changed.

    Glad you like it, Polly. Thanks.

  6. Oh I love this, Joan! I think this is one of my favorites to date!