Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Near Smith Point

On my visit down to Smith Point, which is part of Fire Island, I stopped at the Smith Point Marina. This is the view from there across to Smith Point Beach.

I sketched these rocks in the parking lot at the beach. It is on the bay side of the island. While I was sketching this 7 deer and a red fox came strolling along. They often feed on the grasses, especially now when there is so little traffic in the parking lot.

Day 14 of Floral Fantasy is posted. I included a few friends who are also doing fake journals in my sketches there yesterday and today.


  1. These little beach sketches look just like my river scenery here Joan

  2. Definitely looks like the tail end of winter colors here. Soon it will be rife with the yellow greens of spring. I didn't know that fox will eat grasses...

  3. Nice sketches....great to see that you have been released from your eternal snow trap!

    I am enjoying your fake journal, too. Thanks for linkng it here. Isn't there a view of tulip fields just across from the parking lot in floral fantasy land?

  4. Lorraine, thanks.

    Sherry, he was munching on something. lol Thanks.

    Michele, it is so nice to be out in the world again. lol Thanks. I should do one of flower fields...maybe at the end of the month when the weather is a bit warmer. lol