Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Acoustic Jam in Bellport

The other night my friends and I saw a notice that there would be an acoustic jam session at the Community Center in Bellport on Friday night. Try and keep us away. We were invited to come and sketch. There were no other people besides the 3 of us, one friend's husband, and all the musician. It was fun to listen to them as they each took turns suggesting songs to sing. I was able to sketch all of them except one who was hidden from sight. They get together there once a month and told us that we were welcome to come back again any time.

One of the musicians is the editor & publisher for Bellport's online newspaper, bellport.com, and he asked if we would send him copies of the sketches to put in the "Seen and Heard" section of the paper. Of course we would. Notice I signed my name to each of these. I had a bad experience not so long ago where I had sketched a local brass band. One of the women in the group asked if she could take a photo of the sketch to send to a friend. I said OK and then it ended up in one of the local newspapers never giving me credit for the sketch. The funny thing was that all my local friends kept emailing me telling me they had seen my sketch in the paper. They all recognized my work even without a signature. This gentleman (with the red hat in the second sketch) said he is a photographer and always makes sure he gives people credit for images he posts.

My latest sketch in my fake journal, "Floral Fantasy" can be found here. It is fun to see them all in one place.


  1. What a great opportunity and just love your sketches Joan. They will look great in a newspaper article, glad you signed them this time

  2. These are great, and this must have been so much fun! (You know how much I love to sketch musicians!) Good tip about signing sketches that might get published.

  3. I love the sketches you have been doing of musicians. I tried this a few years ago at town band concerts. Maybe time to try it again.

  4. Excellent sketches Joan! Love the last sketch and I as well would know your work from anyone else...

  5. These are so cool and two banjo players in the group? I don't remember the last time I've seen a banjo player! Congrats on getting your sketches in the paper, Joan!

  6. Thanks, Lorraine. I learned my lesson. lol

    Tina, thanks. I liked sketching this group...they were in a well lit building.

    Mickey, thanks. Try it again. I sketched musicians again last night.

    Hilda, thank you so much.

    Sherry, they were all so good. Thanks.