Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hospice Art Show

On Sunday I joined 9 other artists doing a fundraiser for our local Suffolk Hospice and Visiting Nurse Service. The show was the 4th annual was "With One Stroke" and was organized by my friend, Lorraine Rimmelin.  Each participating artist as well as several other artists we knew, donated a piece of artwork for a raffle and we raised about $1,500 for Hospice. 

Of course I couldn't let the day go by without sketching the event. I started it at the beginning of the show and worked on the sketch when it was slow. You can see that the artists were positioned around the room, and in the middle were refreshments, including an open wine bar.

Here is a photo of me working on the sketch. People enjoy seeing artists at work and several of them recognized people they knew in the sketch.

Here I am with my friend, Rosamaria who had the table next to me.

My friend, Marlene is known for her pet portraits and she was working on one of them through the course of the show.

Sales were slow, but I think each of us did sell a few things. I think the fact that it was a gorgeous day outside kept people from stopping in. The fundraising was the important part anyway and that was a success. We always have a good time together at our events.

Please check up on my fake blog "Floral Fantasy." I have 1 more week to go in the flower shop.


  1. Love the painting Joan! Very much love the photo of you sketching! Love to see our artist buddies doing their thing!
    (I am out here checking on your blog daily! Love everything! Shoulder still healing!!!)

  2. Fun seeing the photo of you in action!

  3. Thanks, Michael. I keep checking your blog to see if you are back posting. Sorry the healing is taking so long.

    Tina, thanks!

  4. I love your sketch, Joan. I sense the movement so easily in it. The show looks fabulous and that pet portrait is just beyond stunning!

  5. Great action sketch Joan and congratulations on the money raised! I love seeing you while working on your sketch and your friends pet portrait is beautiful!

  6. Thanks, Sherry!

    Celia, thank you. Marlene does such great dogs!

  7. A beautiful sketch Joan...and a wonderful cause for the sale! You should be so proud!

  8. Thanks for sharing this day. A worthy cause. Your sketch makes me feel a part of it all.

  9. I like that you were able to set up your easel and sketch during the show.