Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Briermere Farm

The farm stands are slowly opening up on the east end of Long Island. Briermere Farm stays open until Thanksgiving and then shuts for a few months. I was out east and was glad to see it had reopened for the season.

"Floral Fantasy," my fake blog is continuing for a few more days. Please check it out.


  1. I love the farmer's markets around here. Lots of great, fresh produce. Can't wait for things to grow. Love the watercolor sketch..........

  2. Cute sketch! That market must be a harbinger of spring.

  3. What a clean and neat little stand! Love the lettering too. Nice work, Joan!!

  4. I love the farmer's markets too, Carol. They are always so bright and colorful. Thanks.

    Tina, thanks. There is life after winter!!!

    Sherry, it also has the best pies. Thank you.