Thursday, April 2, 2015

Barry X 2

On Tuesday I joined up with my portrait group in the morning. Barry made a return visit (the other time was in January) to pose for us. He looked like such a gentleman with his checked shirt and red tie. I started with this small (4 x6) painting of him. 

While the colors on the face were drying I started another one a bit bigger (6 x 8). Then I worked back and forth on each.

Critiquing them both I think the first one looks more like him. In the second one his eyes are different sizes. I was happy with the way the skin tones came out.

Today is day two of my IFJ. Hope over to the "Floral Fantasy" blog for a look.


  1. You painted a beautiful portrait Joan...I love the way you painted the shirt as well...

  2. Nice work, Joan! I found myself admiring his shirt and tie! LoL Great job on the hair color and yes, the skin tones are marvelous!