Saturday, April 18, 2015

Gilgo Beach & Overlook Beach

Driving back from an appointment this week I took a route called Ocean Parkway that goes along a small barrier island that has a number of beaches along it. 

As a teen I always heard about the surfers on Long Island going to Gilgo Beach to surf. I never went to the beach there then but sketched there last year and went back there again this week. I focused on the bay side looking over the marsh. Someone asked me if that was a cross out in the marsh but it is actually a platform for osprey nests. This is about 4 inches square.

Then I continued along the road and stopped at Overlook Beach. This is a beach where you have to be a resident of Babylon, which I am not. Right now you can park because they aren't officially open. I was able to park up close to the dunes...which in case you didn't notice the sign, they want you to keep off of.

"Floral Fantasy" my fake blog, has been updated for today.


  1. I'm seeing parts of New York through your eyes that just is breathtaking, right along with your paintings of it. Great pieces, Joan!

  2. You are so sweet, Sherry! Thanks.