Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Chris's Boat

Last Wednesday the Patchogue Sketch Club met at a marina in East Patchogue where one of the members keeps her sailboat. It would have been a wonderful place to watch and paint the sunset, but it was very overcast and cold. We were all bundled up in coats and sitting in the open backs of people's hatchbacks to keep out of the cold wind. We do go prepared because it is usually colder down by the water in the evening. Eventually I hope we will have warmer weather on the nights we sketch...after all it is JUNE! lol

Here are a few photos of the other sketchers trying to keep warm.


  1. Nice job on the boat Joan. Too bad about the cold, my air conditioner is already working overtime here!

  2. Love your painting, Joan. The wood dock is perfection. It just isn't that cold here these days. Been upper 80's and 90's for past few weeks (I think). I prefer the cooler temps. I think we're to get storms today but they always say that and I don't see them. Ah well...

  3. Thanks, David!

    Sherry, thank you. Our weather has been very changeable lately.