Saturday, June 7, 2014

Paintout at the Fire Island Lighthouse

Today the Wet Paints Studio Group which I belong to had a Paintout at the Fire Island Lighthouse. My thanks to Carol and Patty for all their work in organizing things.

Fire Island is a barrier island off the south shore of Long Island, and has a beautiful lighthouse. It is accessible by car and is at the eastern end of Robert Moses State Park. We had about a dozen artists participate today and it was the perfect day to sit out and paint...sunshine and a bit of a breeze..and only a few pesky insects.
There are two boardwalks that you have to walk across to get to the lighthouse, but you can see it as soon as you get to the end of the parking area. The boardwalk zigzags back and forth and you are treated to different glimpses of it as you walk.

I arrived early so that I wouldn't have to sit in traffic (It is a very popular beach.), so I was there about 8:30am this morning. As soon as I got to the boardwalk I saw my friend, Bill, who was already working on his first painting. Here he is in action.

There are such great views along the walk.

I continued down the boardwalk and found a spot to paint. This is the first painting I did.

When I finished I walked the rest of the way to the lighthouse.
I passed Laurie on the way.

Up by the lighthouse I found a few more of my friends.
Carol (one of the organizers) sold this painting when she finished it.

Roseanne was painting up there too.

Next I headed over on the bay side and painted the view from that direction.
I forgot to take a separate photo of this painting and it is hanging in the lens house at our show. Luckily I did take a photo of it with the view behind it. If you look closely I used artistic license to make the flag blow in the other direction.

When we were done we hung the paintings inside the lens house. Our show of paintings of the Fire Island Lighthouse will be on display and for sale there for the next few weeks.


  1. Great paintings, Joan! I can smell the fresh air in them!

  2. Looks like such a wonderful day with two wonderful paintings to show for your time outside. Wish I could see the show!

  3. You do have some fantastic days out Joan! I can't wait to retire so I can do the same. I really like these lighthouse pictures, it's a great subject, so dramatic in a landscape. I like the way you changed the flag's direction, that's a sign of good compositional knowledge, a small detail but so easily over-looked. Great job!!

  4. Nice post Joan! Love all the wonderful photos of your artist friends! Great lighthouse painting!
    Summer is wonderful!

  5. Joan, your photos describe your day beautifully . A gorgeous place to paint and artist hard at work. Two gorgeous paintings but I love the last one in particular because you have really captured the character of the place.

  6. Joan - what a fabulous looking day with such a lovely subject to paint as well. Love your always when I see them it is like I am viewing the spot in person. Just gorgeous. Have a great week. Thank you too for stopping by to visit my garden.

  7. Thanks everyone!!! This spot is always a fun place to paint and even better as of this morning two people already sold paintings that were on display.