Monday, June 16, 2014

Musicians and Singers

Here are more of the my sketches for the "Paper, Paint, Pencils, and Pens" blog for our "Music and Musicians" theme (see the link on the right side of the blog).

This woman was singing in the chorus.

This duo was entertaining at the beach I go to.

The sax player was part of a big band orchestra I went to hear.

This was done from one of my photos taken in Ireland.

This sketch I did from a video I had taped of a French singer in a club when we were in  Paris.


  1. You are so versatile. These studies are brilliant

  2. I love when you do figures, Joan. Have we seen the sax player before? He looks familiar to me. Love the last piece; nice atmosphere to it and a great job.

  3. I love your musical sketches! The last one is my favorite but there is a great spontaneity to all the sketches.

  4. Joan - these musical sketches are super! How creative to capture the words from one of the songs on the sketch of the two singers too. In years to come I am sure you will be reminded of the sights and sounds of that moment. Have a great day.

  5. Thanks so much, Polly!

    Sherry - You have a good memory. I had sketched him before and used that sketch as a reference for this one. I researched the sax to make it look like an actual instrument rather than the object I sketched before. lol

  6. Celia - Thank you! I like how the last one came out. She looks like she is actually singing with feeling.

    Debbie - Thank you for your kind words...always!