Monday, June 2, 2014

Beach People

I've been getting to the beach a bit and love to sketch the people there. 
Here are a few of my sketches.


  1. Great beach sketches! The important thing is not letting them see you sketching them... that could be a problem! LOL

    1. I make sure to select victims that are not right next to me. It works best for me.

  2. Wonderful beach sketches, Joan! And I missed your previous sketches of the 59th st. Bridge......LOVE it!! I wish I was brave enough to take the subways like you....I love the City but I usually. Walk everywhere

  3. Still having terrible computer problems! All great work Joan, Espescially the bridge scenes and love the poppies and iris!!

  4. I'm envious but happy for you Joan! It is the best place to practice life drawing. I love your city sketches below too.

  5. Oh these are so wonderful, Joan!! Much as I love color, I think the last is my favorite!

  6. Joan such great sketches of the beach and the folks that are there. You captured their movements and how they sit so well. Hope you took some time to soak up some sun as well. Have a great week.

  7. Thanks, Hilda. Sketching in the city is so much fun.

    Kevin - Thanks so much. Glad you do get to visit once in a while.

    Celia - Glad you like them. Thanks.

    Sherry - It is fun to work in pencil once in a while. Thanks.

    Debbie - Thanks. Hope your vacation was good.

  8. ooh ya good gal, sketchin' peeps is super practice, I really don't do enuf of it. Love the beach peeps :D